Purchasing Process

At Bectek we accompany you throughout the purchase process, so that you can make the best decision for you and your family as well as the best financing option for your home in our projects.


At Bectek we advise and accompany you in the purchase process so that you can make the best decision for you and your family in any of our projects. We will accompany you throughout the mortgage loan management, in order to expedite your documentary procedures with any financial institution.

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To help you in managing your mortgage credit and subsequent down payment of the house, we need the following: DEPENDENT WORKER - Income support verified with pay stubs. INDEPENDENT WORKER - Income support verified with income statement.

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To pay the initial payment of your home, keep in mind that it must be 10% of the value of the property and you will proceed to pay it into Bectek's bank account, no payment is made in cash, after that we will give you your payment receipt, the which will be part of the Purchase and Sale Minute.

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Once the mortgage loan has been approved and the initial one paid, the Minute of Purchase and Sale is drawn up, which will be required by the bank for the final disbursement, for this the signature of or the owners of the purchase is required.

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Once all the documentation has been delivered to the Bank, the remaining value of the property will be disbursed in favor of Bectek, discounting the initial and bonus, if any.

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It is the most emotional part for your family, making your dream come true and receiving the home you longed for so much, Congratulations!

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